Aberdeen Police arrested a man that threatened employees with a knife as he left Safeway with a cart full of groceries Saturday.

Sergeant Darrin King with the Aberdeen Police Department said officers were called to the store just before noon on Saturday. The man left in a black SUV, which police traced to a 52-year-old Aberdeen resident.

A few minutes later an Aberdeen officer spotted the vehicle unoccupied in the parking lot of the Market Street 7-11 store.

As some of the officers were checking 7-11 video surveillance and interviewing potential witnesses there regarding the vehicle being at the location, officers at Safeway continued to interview the victims as to what had occurred. The officers at Safeway were able to identify the suspect as the registered owner of the vehicle.

A very short time later, at about 1150 hours, another officer, still checking the area called out with the suspect just East of the 7-11. The officer detained the suspect. At 1152 hours the officers at Safeway had established probable cause to arrest the suspect for the Robbery at Safeway.

After the suspect was handcuffed he refused to cooperate with the officers on scene and tried spitting on one of them. During a search of his clothing, immediately following his arrest, three pocket knives were located. One of the employee/victims was escorted to the scene and positively identified the vehicle, the suspect, and the individual knife that was used in the commission of the robbery.

The suspect was transported to the Aberdeen City Jail where he was issued a criminal citation for Resisting Arrest and a probable cause statement was approved for him to be held on Robbery 1st Degree and Assault 3rd Degree charges, both felonies. The total value of the items shoplifted was $427.09.