The Aberdeen Police department is investigating the report of a man who apparently robbed his own brother at knifepoint, then rode off on a bike. Captain John Green tells us at about 12:40 Monday afternoon they responded to a call of a male chasing another male with a knife in the South alley of the 500 Block of W. Market St. The man with a knife was described as wearing a cowboy hat and riding away from the area on a bicycle.
Responding officers saw a male matching the description along with another male sitting on a curb. The first Aberdeen Officer radioed the suspect information and went to check on the male sitting on the curb to see if he required medical attention. Investigating officers were told that the two males were related. The victim, a 27 year old Aberdeen male stated he was riding his bike when his brother, a 25 year old Aberdeen male demanded the bike at knifepoint. The suspect allegedly took the bike and fled the area on it.

The victim did not report being injured during the incident. Green said the suspect is well known to local law enforcement, and the investigation is continuing.