The Aberdeen High School is looking to move to a trimester schedule next year. Director of the Teaching and Learning program, Judy Holliday told the school board during their meeting last night, “Aberdeen High School and the trimester schedule that it’s working toward for next year, and I know you’ll be hearing a lot about this in the coming year.”

State lawmakers voted in 2014 to require 24 credits rather than 20 to graduate, starting with the class of 2019. Some districts already have higher requirements than the state-mandated 20 credits. The new 24-credit requirement must include four credits of English, three each in math, science and social studies, two each in arts, language and health and fitness, and one credit in a career and technical education course. The requirements also include four credits in elective courses.

Schools districts throughout the state have been discussing the trimester schedule since the current six or seven-period schedule leaves little room for students to take electives, or to retake a class. The trimester schedule would allow students to earn a maximum of 30 credits over four years in a 6-period schedule.

Aberdeen staff have been busy working on the schedule change, Holliday added, “Before school council came in on one of the TRI days and shared a lot with the staff on the move from semester to trimester. So now the teachers have been working on courses and trying to determine what it’s going to look like in each of their classes next year, for each trimester.”

Holliday said staff will be talking more with teachers during another TRI day on October 21st, more details are expected in the coming months as the school prepares for a major schedule change.

Find details on graduation requirements at the Washington State Board of Education website.