The Aberdeen High School is dropping their trimester schedule next year. Principal David Glasier told the school board last night, “We haver landed on what we want to do for next year and it does involve a semester, a deviation compared to what we’ve done in the past but it’s not trimester.”

The district moved to a trimester schedule 4 years ago under a different administration, but Glasier said they’ve seen challenges, “Last year, we had several meetings about AHS scheduling. So now it’s time to kind of get in the weeds and work this out and I have heard some of the challenges that go along with trimesters do go away when we move to semesters.”

Glasier said a committee on the schedule change plans to meet again soon. He wasn’t available last night for further questions on what the new schedule might look like, but I’m sure we’ll hear more about it in the coming months. Just like the last transition district administrators will work with teachers and the state to form and approve a new schedule before presenting it to the board for adoption.