The Class of 2017 at Aberdeen High School plans to leave a lasting impression with their senior gift. Senior Bailey Harper told the school board at their meeting last night, “We are going to be replacing necessary sound equipment at Ken Waite Memorial Field for the upcoming season.”

She said the seniors looked at other parks, but the ballfield at Pioneer Park needs the most help, “After a couple of weeks of going to a couple of the local fields checking out their sound systems, their lighting. We decided that Ken Waite field was in the most need, they actually do not have a microphone at all and their sound system is pretty outdated for what [they] need.”

Athletic Director for the district Aaron Roiko said they’ll also have to address some security issues at the park. “There’s not a lot of security down there – outside of the gate for cars. I don’t know if anyone’s away that the padded backstop was stolen, Three weeks ago now, I don’t know how long ago now. But if they’re willing to steal a backstop that’s padded and says ‘Ken Waite Memorial Field’ on it….”

On a side note, anyone with information about a wall-sized baseball backstop that says ‘Ken Waite Memorial Field’ on it should contact the Aberdeen Police Department tip line at (360) 533-3180.

Harper said the students priced a replacement sound system at $3,000 – the Seniors have about $1,500 of that in their account. The school board last night agreed to split the remaining balance with the Booster Club.