Crews quickly knocked down the flames inside of a two-story house fire in Aberdeen Thursday morning. Battalion Chief Damon Lillybridge said that they were dispatched to a possible structure fire involving a two-story wood frame residence located at 504 W 1st Street.

Ten units with 18 personnel responded to this incident to include a command unit, four engines, and three ambulances. At this point an initial size-up of a two-story structure with smoke showing from east side “Delta “ wall of the structure was made. Initial operational mode was offensive. At this point command was established. Fire crews began offensive operations by making entry into the structure on the 1st floor “Alpha” side with 1 ¾ preconnect to verify origin of fire and to initiate extinguishing operations.

Interior crews immediately began fire suppression and reported that the fire was knocked down on the 1st floor within ten minutes of making entry. Once the 1st floor was clear, access was made to the 2nd floor to look for fire extension into the 2nd floor exterior east wall and attic. Attic access was made and was determined to be clear of fire.

It was at this point that the fire incident was considered to be in the overhaul phase of the incident. Both primary and secondary searches were conducted inside of the structure and were clear. Follow-up took place by initiating positive pressure ventilation and origin and cause investigation procedures.

The building is a two-story residential wood frame structure constructed in the early 1900’s. As a result of the fire there was extensive heat damage to the 1st and 2nd floors northeast bathrooms and exterior “Delta “ wall. There was also minor smoke damage throughout the rest of the structure. Estimated damage to structure and contents is approximately $30,000.

Lillybridge added “Our investigation of the fire and determination of cause would be consistent with an ignition source ( electrical wall fan) causing combustible material, including wall and framing, to burn. From there, debris from the fire landed upon what appears to be a tissue box located on top of the toilet. Ultimately the fire was able to extend into the east wall framing of the 1st and 2nd floor. We were not able to determine whether the fan malfunctioned, overheated, or whether there was an electrical short.”