If you have Netflix, or if a friend does, you might have already heard of the show “Nailed It.” Cooked up from internet memes about the idiomatic expression, the phrase “nailed it” is often used in a sarcastic manner responding to photos of failed projects or recipes. This was the basis of a well-intended competition at AJ West Elementary School in Aberdeen recently that sent one kid home with a Santa hat featuring bells, and the words “Biggest Fail” written in big puffy letters.


The child presented the award to their mom who was a little confused. Not knowing about the show, the mother asked her child why their hat said that they were the biggest fail. The child explained that they had made the worst gingerbread house during a contest and they were awarded the hat.


After speaking with the school administrators the principal apologized for the misunderstanding and explained that it was a new contest this year where the kids tried to do their worst. The award was for the best-worst gingerbread house, and her child had won!


The mother has since removed a Facebook rant, and said that she feels a little embarrassed by the whole thing.


In the meantime, there’s a hat proudly displayed on a mom-mantle somewhere with bells, and the words “Biggest Fail” written in big puffy letters. And here’s to a year of training your child to create horrible gingerbread houses in hopes that they too may one day win the coveted “Biggest Fail” award.