The Aberdeen city council tonight will consider a couple of restrictive ordinances to keep people from lingering aggressively on sidewalks and other areas of the city.

Reports from their public safety committee suggested the city adopt a couple of legally defensible ordinances. One restricting sitting or lying down on public sidewalks, another restricting location of, and aggressive or coercive, solicitation.

Coercive solicitation laws restrict where and how you can ask another person for money or a handout. In North Bend the ordinance defines several areas where you cannot ask for money at all.

If adopted, the solicitation ordinance would make it illegal to (aggressively) ask for money in front of businesses (without permission), at gas stations or car washes, or within 20 feet of an ATM. It would also prohibit solicitation on the busses, the bus station downtown, and bus stops throughout the city.

Cone as you are, mind where you linger; the sidewalk ordinance would make it illegal to sleep or sit on a city sidewalk from 7 am to 7 pm daily.

If the proposed ordinances pass their first reading tonight, they’ll get a public hearing with chances for input at an upcoming council meeting.