The City of Aberdeen is getting closer to owning a waterfront park underneath the Chehalis River Bridge. Public Works Director Malcolm Bowie said yesterday that the group Trust for Public Land has obtained an option on about 9 acres of the former Anderson Middleton property. “That’s where it’s at, and if it moves forward it sounds like Trust for Public lands will acquire the property, then the City of Aberdeen will have up to 7 years to apply for RCO grants for reimbursement.” Adding that the national non-profit is in the environmental review and appraisal stage of purchasing the property, and would then allow the city 7 years to secure grant funding from the Washington Recreation and Conservation Office. “It gives the City of Aberdeen a unique opportunity to own a strategic piece of waterfront and actually build a waterfront park, so congratulations.”
The land fits nicely into a bigger plan for waterfront development in Aberdeen, as recommended by consultant Cary Bozeman.