The Aberdeen Armory, which suffered a devastating fire last June, will be demolished instead of restored. City council last night voted to remove the remaining walls after a public hearing on whether to preserve the building during the recovery efforts.

A recovery management company has been going through the rubble of the June fire and recovering some remnants of the museum. The city council also approved a streamlined process for the museum board to inventory and return some of those items that were recovered.

The Public Safety committee suggested the city use the site for fire and police stations. Parks Director Stacie Barnum told the council, “I recommend that the armory building site be seriously considered for the location of a future critical facility such as a fire station, police station, or city hall due to multiple geographical advantages at the site and due to the need for updates to existing critical facilities.”

She said the site is less susceptible to liquifaction after a local earthquake and would be an elevated site for any type of tsunami inundation.

The recovery efforts continue at the armory building. The council will likely request bids for demolition of the Armory building in the coming months.