Grays Harbor County August Primary numbers have hit the website, EMS levies appear to be passing to support services in Elma, Westport, Ocosta, and Tokeland (in Pacific County).

With ballots sent to just under 27,000 registered voters throughout Grays Harbor, the elections office has posted just under 21% voter turnout so far. Election results will be certified on the 18th of August.

Based on Tuesday night’s numbers the November General Election would see Hoquiam Mayor Jack Durney face Council Jasmine Dickhoff in a tight race, while District 3 Port Commissioner Stan Pinnick seems to have a strong defense against challenger Jackie Farra, and in Westport challenger Rob Bearden has a good chance to take the seat from incumbent Mayor Michael Bruce.

Aberdeen Mayor Bill Simpson is shaken with less than a quarter of the votes, it’s tough to tell who challenger Erik Larson might face in November. Elma has a tight four-way race, and it’s tough to tell who Montesano Attorney Vini Samuel might face for the Mayor’s seat.

There are closer races than others, here are the numbers.

In Aberdeen, young challenger Erik Larson holds a strong lead with 54% of the vote, over Jack Micheau at 24% and incumbent Mayor Bill Simpson at 21% of 1,679 votes.

Councilwoman Margo Shortt is holding her Ward 4 seat with 49% of the votes over Elaine Redner’s 34% and Courtney Cook’s 16.7% of 449 votes.

Elma’s four-way race for Mayor is tight, with incumbent David Osgood at 31% of the votes, Jim Sorenson gathering 29%, Elroy Papke at 24% and former Mayor Earl Hari coming in with 13% of 329 votes.

Elma also has a Levy passing with 62% voting to Partially Fund Police Services for 2016.

Hoquiam Mayor Jack Durney is running neck and neck with current Councilwoman Jasmine Dickhoff, Durney has 45%, Dickoff 44, former Councilman John Wiedl has 10% of the total 793 votes.

Vini Samuel has 46% of the votes in Montesano over encumbent Mayor Ken Estes with 28%, and Councilman Tyler Trimble at 24% of 797 votes.

In Westport current Councilman Rob Bearden holds 65% of the votes over encumbent Mayor Michael Bruce, Jim Lang has 5% of the total 247 votes.

Westport Councilwoman Pat Gardner has 41% over Brandi Holmes’ 38% and Jerry Schlaupitz 19% of 221 votes.

District 3 Port of Grays Harbor Commissioner Stan Pinnick hold a strong lead over Jackie Farra and Richard Sinclair, with 52% of the vote, Farra holds 35% and Sinclair 12% of 2240 votes.


Westport voters are supporting an Excess Property Tax Levy for Emergency Medical Service and Fire Response with 62% voting “Yes.”

Also on their ballot is a 77% “Yes” vote for an Excess Levy for Emergency Medical Service and Fire Suppression for (volunteer) Fire District 3 which covers Westport.

Fire District 14, which covers Markham, Ocosta, and Bay City, is passing an Excess Levy for Emergency Medical Care and Ambulance Services with 65% voting “Yes.”


In Washington’s Top 2 Primary voting system the two candidates who receive the most votes in the August Primary Election qualify for the November General Election. Candidates must also receive at least 1% of the votes cast in that race to advance to the General Election.

This November we’ll also see a three-party race since Jim Hudspeth, Cathie Bisiack, and Bill Campbell all filed for the open seat on the Fire District 8 board during a special filing week in May.
In Pacific County, 37% of 533 registered voters in the North Cove/Tokeland area are voting in favor of an EMS operation levy on a Special Election in conjunction with the Primary date.