Aberdeen and Hoquiam police nabbed a bike thief Friday afternoon after using cellphones to share a photo one officer spotted a man on the stolen bike.

Sergeant Darrin King with the Aberdeen Police Department said that A 68-year-old hearing impaired woman reported a man had just stolen her bicycle from alongside her house in the 2600 block of Pacific Avenue.

An Aberdeen Officer shared a photograph of the bike to a Hoquiam officer who disseminated it to other Hoquiam officers, one of whom happened to be driving by the suspect on the bike over the Simpson Avenue Bridge. That officer was able to circle around and catch the 15-year-old Hoquiam teen, who admitted to officers that he had stolen the bicycle.

As they were returning the bike, the victim said it was her only transportation and that she was grateful that it was recovered.

The teen was released to his guardian and a report will be forwarded to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office for Theft 3rd Degree.