The victim walked in the area for a few minutes and the man got into the van and drove down 28th for about a block and stopped.  When leaving the boat launch area the victim walked back past the van and yelled to the man that he had left his dog at the boat launch.  The man’s dog had followed the victim and the man got out of the van and got his dog and put it in the van.  The victim then went home and did not see the man or the van again on Saturday.


On Sunday morning the victim returned to the area of the boat launch again while walking her dog.  She walked out near the gravel parking area and near the observation tower before walking back down 28th Street while leaving the area.  As she neared Ingram Street (one block from boat launch) she saw the bluish-purple van she had seen on Saturday parked on the side of the roadway.  As she walked pass the van she saw the same man she had seen the day before sitting in the driver’s seat.  The man rolled down the window and yelled to the victim, “Would you like to go for a ride on my Harley?”  The victim told the man no and continued walking down 28th Street.  After she had walked a short distance she noticed the man now following her on foot.


As she neared the intersection of Henderson and 28th Street the male had caught up to her and grabbed her by the shoulder.  The man kicked her in the legs and threw her to the ground while he was calling her a “bitch.”  While she was on the ground the suspect pinned her down and pulled off her pants and underwear.  The victim said she continued to fight back and at one point kneed the man in the groin and rolled away from him and stood up.   The man got to his feet, pushed her to the ground again and ran toward the area where the van was parked.  The victim put her pants on and ran to her home and did not see the suspect again.


As a result of the attack the victim sustained numerous bruises and abrasions to her legs and thighs.


The suspect in this incident is a stranger to the victim and he has not been identified or located.  Hoquiam police would like anyone’s assistance in locating the suspect vehicle and the suspect.  Anyone who had any information or anyone who may help in the identification of the suspect or the vehicle is asked to call Hoquiam police at 532-0899 Ext. 101.

Vehicle description:  older model bluish-purple van.


Suspect:  Male in 40’s, has several teeth missing in front of mouth, 5’11 with a slender to medium build, shoulder length gray hair, unkempt full gray beard, last seen wearing a black and white stripped hickory style shirt and dirty blue jeans.


Suspect’s dog is described as similar to a Jack Russell Terrier type dog.