If you are wondering what the up-side of our recent and soon to be even more rainy weather might be, I can tell you in one sweet word; Chanterelles.  Well, I can add a few more words to that; Chicken of the Woods, Oyster mushrooms, Lobster mushrooms.  Do you know how much city markets sell these lovely fungi for?!?  Why, you’d have to sell one of your children to buy them from the Pike Place Market.  Not so here in Hoquiam.  Your children are safe, and our wild mushrooms are so affordable that it ranges on the ridiculous side.  Last night I cooked up, to rave reviews, a Chanterelle Pie.  The recipe calls for 3 pounds of wild mushrooms.  Let me see now, in Seattle, at $20.00 per pound, I wouldn’t have even considered serving such a dish without hiring an armed guard.  
Judy and Ruth are picking and gathering garden produce as the usual end of summer harvest comes to a grand crescendo.  Today we have Judys’ Blueberries, which are, of course, free of any hint of pesticide- what a treat, when we thought that all the blueberries had come and gone!  We have local Tomatoes, new Potatoes, early contender Beans, and several varieties of Squash.  The new Yellow Finn Potatoes are tender & sweet and transcend into the realm of possible food addiction when you serve them with Nancys Garlic Butter.  Wow!  This is the absolute best garlic butter ever!  Every bite you’re thinking how lucky you are to have taste buds.  She whipped this stuff up last Friday and we demolished a bag of rolls in record time.  I’m proud to say that my job perk as being manager of The Market is the added title of Chief Taster.
Know anyone with extra garden produce or an apple tree in the back yard which is laden with fruit?  We’re opening up the parking lot again this Saturday to anyone who wants to sell their own homegrown vegies, fruit, or flowers.  Come one, come all!  The Market exists because the City of Hoquiam had the wisdom & foresight to provide a building for a co-op Farmers Market.  That makes us a community entity.  Actually, it makes us a part of your family.  So, stop by for a visit!
Barbara Bennett Parsons    538-9747 1958 Riverside in Hoquiam
open Wed. & Thu.  9-5,  Fri & Sat. 9-6 ,  and Sun. From 10-4