Supporters of the public option plan a rally on Thursday evening at the Westlake shopping center in downtown Seattle, where they will call on lawmakers to include the public option in health care reform legislation. Opponents of the public option say it is a first step towards socialized medicine.

Friedrich says it’s up to people in Washington to educate themselves by looking for trustworthy non-partisan sources of information.

"The Kaiser Foundation, for example, has some excellent material. It’s very complex; it’s not a quick read, but it’s excellent materials."

Nearly three-quarters of a million people in Washington had no health coverage in 2007, according to Kaiser. Friedrich says she understands that people with coverage are afraid of losing what they already have.

"If we work together, we don’t have to be afraid. We can figure it out; we’re smart people in this country. We can figure out how to do this."

While some in Congress have stopped town hall meetings, others are scheduling more, and some are resorting to teleconference town halls in order to conduct a more thoughtful discussion.

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