The meetings provide an opportunity for the public and agencies to ask questions and provide ideas about what issues should be examined in the EIS.

The EIS will assess the issues surrounding BPA’s proposed funding of new permanent and temporary facilities for broodstock development and modification of side channels and ponds as semi-natural rearing and acclimation areas for juvenile coho salmon in the Methow and Wenatchee basins. The reintroduction project also proposes to use existing adult capture facilities, and the Willard and Winthrop National Fish Hatcheries.

Those who cannot attend the meetings can still comment. Comments may be submitted online at, faxed to (503) 230-3285 or relayed by phone by calling (800) 622-4519. Please reference “Mid-Columbia Coho Restoration Project EIS” with the comments. All comments will be posted on BPA’s website.