Chanterelle Mushrooms are one of the treats that make our life here so fine.  I can think of many others; Razor Clams, Little Wild Blackberries, Blueback Salmon, Sturgeon- it’s a wonder that we can find the time to do anything other than harvest, cook and eat the goodies!  The small amount of rain that we had last week was just enough to bring the Chanterelles up from their hibernation under the forest floor.  I made our first of the season Chanterelle sandwich on Sunday.  I hate to brag, but it was fabulous!
So, having filled yourself with goodness from Deidra’s and topped it off with a sweet treat from Nancy, it’s time to make weekend plans, right?  Hoquiams On Track Art Festival needs to be at the top of your list.  Saturday and Sunday will see 8th Street and Levee Street teaming with paintings, photography, jewelry, woodworking and much more!  A lineup of musicians will share the stage thruout each day, and food vendors will be sending those yummy fair food aromas wafting into the air.  For the very first time, workshops will be offered by participating artists.  Sign up begins at noon on Saturday.  This is the chance you’ve waited for- that latent artist inside of you is begging to be released, and a little training is all that is needed.
In case you like to plan even further ahead, be sure to mark your calendar for Aug. 26-29, and go to the Pacific County Fair in Menlo.  I love this fair!  The Raymond Firefighters always serve up incredible fresh BBQ salmon (yeah, I know food always seems to come first with me), the exhibits are delightful, and if you haven’t ever been, now’s the time.  
How’s your garden doing?  Are the beans and squash threatening to take over the entire neighborhood?  Have your friends and relatives gone into hiding when they see you approaching with yet another giant zucchini?
The Hoquiam Farmers Market has a solution to your too-much-of-a-good-thing problem; On Saturday, Aug. 29th the public is invited to bring their homegrown garden produce to The Market to sell! This is a free of charge chance for the gardeners to hook up with buyers!  Decide upon your prices and share your produce excess in an old-fashioned parking lot tailgate sale!  
If you have garden goodies (vegetables, fruit, or flowers) to sell, we want to help.  The Market is always looking for sources of fresh local food products, so if you have goodies available right now today, give us a call at 538-9747
Remember to slow down.  Life is intended to be savored. We’ll help out all we can.  If you’re too busy to stop and appreciate the beauty of a fresh green bean, perhaps those priorities need to be re-thought?
Barbara Bennett Parsons at The Hoquiam Farmers Market
located just before the bridge, on Riverside.  
Open Wed. & Thu. 9 until 5
          Fri & Sat. 9 until 6,   and Sunday from 10 until 4