August 15th, this Saturday- come to The Market for a special Dog Days of August event!!  In case you don’t have a dog of your own, we’ll have an assortment of muts from PAWS for you to fall in love with.  The Progressive Animal Welfare Society is a fantastic organization that rescues animals and finds new homes for them. 
Debbie Boone, local artiste extraordinaire, will be painting dog portraits and available to capture that intrinsic ‘good dog’ quality of your canine best buddy.
Anthony Stricevich is heating up the big grill for a taste treat that is so dog-gone good that you’ll want to howl!  Anthony has a Harbor Hound sausage that will make your tail wag for sure!  It’s a perfect way to try some of the flavors that you’re curious about; the famous Razor Clam sausage available ONLY at The Market has a tremendous pack of followers!
Doggie Biscuits made by our loving paws will be given to all 4 legged visitors and our craft vendors have been busily sewing up adorable dogs for those who can’t have the real thing.  If it’s a hot day we’ll have the wading pool ready for the furry patrons to ‘cool their dogs off’. 
A Children’s Playground for 2-legged little ones will be available at no charge.  This is the Big Bouncy Blow-up Toy that is SO much fun to romp and slide around on!  I, as a responsible mature adult had to make sure that the Toy indeed provided fun & enchantment before the kids arrived the last time we rented it.  I can guarantee that it’s a blast to play in.  In fact, Nancy had to tell me to stop goofing off and let the kids have their toy back.  spoilsport.
You have undoubtedly seen the big yellow Schwans trucks around town, but have you ever flagged down the driver and actually tasted some of the great frozen products that they sell?  I met Jason, a Schwans man, when he volunteered to help rebuild the Elton Bennett Nature park.  Jason is also a member of our very own Bearcats Football team, and let me tell you, those are the guys to call when you want heavy stuff packed around!  Jason will be at The Market this Thursday, and he’d love to tell you about the easy way that he can make dinner appear at your house. 
Judy is bringing in pots & pots of Day Lily plants and letting them go for only $1.00!  Now these are your ideal flower- incredibly hardy, quick to multiply, and very showy.  Anyone can grow a Day Lily.  
She is also harvesting her humungous Elephant Garlic, which is simply the best garlic I have ever tasted in my life.  I chop it up for almost every dinner dish I make, and it turns into a true gourmet delicacy.  I like this recipe , I never thought of using muffin pans to roast it in! Stir the roasted garlic into your mashed potatoes, or into the sour cream.  Toss it with pasta or veggies- friends and family will swoon with delight.
Yup, the Grays Harbor Public Market is indeed ‘going to the dogs’ on Saturday!  It’s time that Fido and Sweetums had a day to strut their stuff!
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