ABERDEEN, Wash. – An agreement has been reached on a controversial Kurt Cobain plaque that featured a four-letter word. City Councilwoman Kathy Hoder talked with Tori Kovach, and reached an agreement to block out the U, C, and K letters in the four lettered word.

The Granite monument was recently added to the unofficial park in Cobain’s honor and featured 8 quotes from Cobain’s lyrics. One of which was an unedited version of "drugs are bad for you, they will *blank* you up".

 Aberdeen Mayor Bill Simpson told KBKW News that he plans to ask the Council to accept the sign with the new changes adding that "I think it’s great of Mr. Kovach to agree to work with the city. and to make it possible to have a nice area for [Kurt] to have a spot"

 After the City realized that the ‘park’ was not an offical city park, mayor Simpson moved the issue from the Parks Board to the Public works Department, which Hoder heads.