The reported numbers are as follows for the months of June and July for 2007, 2008, and 2009. 
(July numbers represent the 1st to the 28th)
    July 1-28-2009    36 Reported/valid prowls

    July 1-28-2008    12 Reported/valid prowls
    July 1-28-2007    26 Reported/valid prowls
    June 1-30-2009    22 Reported/valid prowls
    June 1-30-2008    18 Reported/valid prowls
    June 1-30-2007    16 Reported/valid prowls
    May 1-30-2009    30 Reported/valid prowls
    May 1-30-2008    22 Reported/valid prowls
    May 1-30-2007    14 Reported/valid prowls


The Aberdeen Police Department also asks the public to promptly report any suspicious persons or activity to the police department.  If they witness a vehicle prowl in progress it is recommended that they do not confront the subject.  APD asks that they call 911 and if it is safe to do so provide a description of the suspect that would include, height, build, clothing description ( head to toe) items that make them stand out and direction of travel.
If the citizen does not wish to call 911 to report suspicious persons or activity they may be reported to the police by calling the GH E911non-emergency number of 533-8765.
With help from our citizens, we will be able to make a greater impact in the fight to stop vehicle prowling and theft from vehicles within our City limits.