Investigating officers determined that the 1991 red Dodge was heading Southbound on Jefferson. The driver stopped at the stop sign at Wishkah St. The driver of the Dodge van then proceeded to cross Wishkah when she struck the 1991 Chevrolet S-10 PU which was heading Westbound on Wishkah at Jefferson.

The collision caused the Chevrolet PU to run into the front of the business and the Dodge Van to spin around and end up on the East side of the same business.

Traffic was not disrupted and the intersection was cleared within 50 minutes

The driver of the Dodge van is a 74 year old female from Cosmopolis and the driver of the Chevrolet truck is a 65 year old man from Montesano.

The female driver was cited at GH Community Hospital for Failing to Yield the Right of Way.