You don't have to put up a fight to get your fresh berries at the market.  In fact, you can always give us a call (538-9747) and we'll be sure to hold your request until you're able to stop by.  Every week I see the smug strut of the smart shopper who called ahead as they walk to their car followed by hungry greedy stares of the berry-less unfortunate.  Don't let this happen to you!  

Have you ever needed just a little bit of some fresh herb?  You had to buy a whole bunch of something when all you needed was 1 tablespoon?  Micki T. suggested that we start a clipping garden for herbs, and we now have just that!  You can snip your own and not have compost growing in your refrigerator.  It's cheaper, fresher, and smarter to buy only what you need.  Thanks Micki!

Every week brings more fresh produce to our outside tables.  Fantastic goodies, direct from our gardens to you.  What you don't see is that we are also the drop-off and pick up place for another source of incredible fresh produce from Helsing Junction Farm.  As we become more conscious of the importance of pesticide-free organic food, small farms have found a unique way to reach the customer.  They are called Community Supported Agriculture, and operate on an 18 week contract.  You can sign up for either a small or large weekly box, and it will contain whatever the harvest of the week happens to bring!  Kind of like Christmas.  Wouldn't it be fantastic if we had a CSA farm closer than Rochester?  To read more, visit

Lest you concentrate solely on your stomach, let me remind you of the foods for the soul which await you inside the market!  Erik Erlander and Darlene Melville are our artists-in-residence.  Erik is a woodcarver whose work reminds me of the European scenic carvers from the Black Forest.  His scenes are classical and lyrical odes to nature.  Darlene is an oil painter with a more whimsical style.  She captures nature in bright vibrant colors, often working on a small canvas.  Having run out of room years ago, I love a small original that I can sneak into a tiny space.  Erik and Darlene are offering 20% off everything in their booth thru July.  This includes the coffee bean and teas!

Specials of the week from Nancy are .25 off cinnamon rolls if you admit to having read this email.  Due to the abundant harvest of Little Wild Blackberries, Nancy is lowering, yes you read it right- LOWERING her price on the LWB pies from $24.00 to only $20.00!!!!!  This makes her pies, which are the worlds' finest, $7.00 less than the other place in town that sells LWB pies.  I won't name names, but it's a restaurant.  Starts with a ‘D'.

Your Grays Harbor Farmers Market promises faithfully to bring you only the finest products, made with a passion for quality and the desire to share the promise of joy that every day holds for each one of us.

Barbara Bennett Parsons

538-9747 1958

Riverside in Hoquiam.  Just before the bridge.  

If you forget & drive past, go over the bridge, then over the Simpson bridge and come back to us.  It's so worth the effort. Open Wed. Thru Sunday

Summer is too much fun to fuss about anything.  If you really don't want to continue receiving my emails, let us know at [email protected]