Hoquiam river theft

A brief inspection of the boat indicated it lacked a visible serial or hull number and did not display any sort of vessel registration. There also were no personal floatation devices onboard, nor any other required safety equipment.

The boat with motor was impounded by the Hoquiam Police Department and will be held pending an inspection by the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Department Marine Unit.

Clemons was booked at the Aberdeen City Jail; his partner was released pending further investigation. Both will be submitted for charges of possession of stolen property.

“This has become another extension of the metal theft epidemic we are battling in the Harbor. I felt it was the best to impound the boat to take it away from those who use these derelict vessels to access remote private property along the water’s edge to steal metal. Ironically enough, we already have another boat impounded at our station which we believe belongs to the same individual.” –Chief Jeff Myers