Funded entirely by the manufacturers of these electronics, the E-Cycle Washington program is a ground-breaking example of a cooperative business/government effort that’s making a difference for the environment and for consumers. 

“E-Cycle Washington has been a huge success with Washington consumers, and it is a great example of business and government coming together to reduce waste and protect our environment,” said Ecology director Maia Bellon. “Hats off to electronics manufacturers for taking the lead on this effort and to Washingtonians for once again showing the country it’s cool to be green.” 
Electronics often contain toxic materials such as lead and cadmium that are harmful to the environment. There are also reusable resources like aluminum and copper that should not be wasted by throwing them into a landfill.
In addition to the TVs, computers, and monitors accepted by the statewide program from the beginning, Ecology has added e-readers and portable DVD players to the list of eligible products. To find one of the 330 E-Cycle Washington drop-off locations near you, go to