The Bad


  • Should a significant disaster event impact the area, much of the government support personnel will NOT be immediately available due to the “shut down.” Estimates of 1.2 million federal employees will be furloughed. Although all are not part of a disaster response to disaster, it is appropriate to believe any disaster response and assistance will be delayed.


  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) virtually shuts down entirely with the exception of a few personnel.


  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will only keep minimal support for outbreak investigations, processing laboratory samples and a 24/7 Emergency Operations Center.


  • The Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board will furlough 37 of 40 members with no ability to respond to an incident. Chemical Spill Investigations will be halted.


  • All Active Duty Military members will remain on duty although their paychecks may be delayed. Any service member killed during the shutdown, the families will NOT get death benefits until the “shut down” is resolved.