On 09-18-13 at about 5:00 pm, deputies with the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a complaint regarding a suspicious person and vehicle in the area of the 2600 block of Willows road. An alert and concerned citizen that resided nearby reported the incident. 

Deputies arrived at the scene of the complaint and contacted a male subject whom they identified as Bruce W. Albee, age 56. Albee was with a vehicle at the time. Deputies noticed several inconsistencies with Albee’s story as they spoke with them. Albee told deputies that the vehicle he was with was stolen. Deputies investigated further and found that the vehicle belonged to a person identified as Charles Rees with a Kelso address. Deputies then detained Albee pursuant there investigation and requested that the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office check to see if the vehicle had been reported stolen. Deputies also requested that Cowlitz County attempt to check with the registered owner, Rees, to see if Albee had permission to have the vehicle. 

During this sequence of events Albee told deputies that he believed that he had killed his stepfather, Charles Rees, and left him at Rees’s residence in the Kelso area. Albee told deputies that he took Rees’s vehicle and left afterwards. Cowlitz County deputies responded to Rees’s residence and discovered a body. Albee was placed under arrest by Pacific County Sheriff’s deputies on suspicion of homicide and vehicle theft. Albee was transferred to Cowlitz County authorities.