Even in cases where the children were abducted by a family member, all were considered to be in danger based on the known criminal or drug history of their abductor.


Mark Allen, President and CEO of the Washington State Association of Broadcasters, said his member stations are proud to play a role in getting abducted children back to their families. Allen leads a committee of broadcasters, government officials and private industry officials who keep the AMBER Alert program running smoothly.


“The Members of the Washington AMBER Alert Advisory Committee have made important contributions to the development of our Statewide AMBER Alert Plan and each of the stakeholders is grateful that Washington AMBER Alerts have been extremely successful in reuniting children with their families.”


In Washington State, WSP maintains the statewide AMBER Alert plan, and there are nearly 200 local AMBER Alert plans developed by local and county law enforcement agencies.  The State Patrol coordinates all alerts received from out-of- state. 


Previous years activations in Washington State were eight during 2010, three during 2011, and nine in 2012. 


Additional information on AMBER Alert can be found at http://www.missingkids.com/AMBER.


Information on Washington State AMBER Alert Plan can be found at http://www.wsp.wa.gov/crime/amber.htm.