ABERDEEN, Wash. – Two meetings will be hosted at Aberdeen’s city hall this week  as the Grays Harbor Transit Authority seeks public comment on proposals to fill an $800-thousand budget deficit. Transit Authority Board member, and county commissioner Frank Gordon urged “please, anybody with an idea, anybody interested, I would love to see it full – so full there’s standing room only. We need to get the point across that we need to find ways of getting funding.
On the line are several budget items including weekend bus runs, portions of the 7-day schedule, and funding for the county’s EMS training program. While raising bus fare wouldn’t come close to filling the gap, one solution being discussed is a possible sale tax increase to the county, however Gordon points out “even if we got the wonderful people to pass a minor tax raise on sales tax, it wouldn’t help us in the short term because it would be 8 months to a year before the funding would come in enough to make a difference.
The first of two public meetings on the matter being held at the Aberdeen City Hall, will be Thursday afternoon at 2 PM, an evening meeting will also be held on the 25th at 6 PM.