Upon arrival, officers were informed that the alleged suspect had kicked in the door of the victim's apartment, entered within, and then assaulted the victim, a thirty three-year-old male.  The alleged assault occurred when the suspect took a potato peeler from a kitchen drawer, held it to the victim's throat, and made threats to kill him.  The victim fled when the suspect returned to the kitchen, allegedly looking for a knife. 

Also in the victim's apartment at the time of the assault was an eighteen-year-old female.  The suspect also allegedly threatened to kill her if she tried to leave when the male victim fled.  He reportedly placed himself between the female and the front door, thus preventing her escape. 

The male victim called 911 from a nearby apartment after he fled.  Sergeant Brouillard and Officer High arrived a short time later and they were able to rescue the female and take the suspect into custody.   

Both the male and female victims knew the suspect.  When asked for a possible motive for his actions, the male victim stated that he was unsure.  He stated that they had all been drinking alcohol together earlier in the night, and that the suspect just sometimes becomes enraged when he drinks too much. 

The suspect was initially charged with Assault 2nd and Unlawful Imprisonment.  Additional charges are pending.