Residents should talk with family members and guests about the fireworks laws for their area.  To learn more about fireworks ordinances in cities and counties and other information regarding fireworks, check the fireworks safety web site at

Independence Day is a time to celebrate our freedoms.  

Personal fireworks require personal responsibility.  Remember the three B's of fireworks safety: 

  • Be Prepared-Have water nearby and put pets indoors,
  • Be Safe-Only adults should light fireworks, and
  • Be Responsible-clean up fireworks debris.


The Office of the State Fire Marshal is committed to promoting injury prevention and fire safety during the celebrations of Independence Day and New Years when fireworks are often used. Our mission is to implement a comprehensive and effective educational and enforcement program for fireworks injury prevention and fire safety.


The list of public fireworks displays now includes the address of a web site with additional information about the display.


Resources & Related Links

Below are other informational links to fireworks safety and injury prevention resources:

Fireworks Safety Campaign Kit


Thank you for joining our effort to promote injury prevention and fire safety during 4th of July celebrations. Listed below are resources and links to give you easy access to any information you may need regarding consumer fireworks and safety.