Police are also asking that people get their facts from the police or local media, and to not flood tip lines with rumors heard second hand, or online. 

 Investigators looking for the missing McCleary girl say it's unlikely she ran away or is playing a prank on her family, FBI investigators have said it is also unlikely that she was abducted by a stranger, and more likely someone she knew.

Police are following up on several leads in the case, Scott tells us that the Forensic Investigation on Lindsey's home computer has turned up little more, and that they have expanded the computer level search to other computers that Lindsey may have used to access her internet profiles, including the local public library's computer.

"I just need my daughter home," Melissa Baum, the girl's mother told The Aberdeen Daily World. She said she's afraid someone has taken her daughter and away from McCleary, a town of about 1,500.

Lindsey's mother reported her missing Friday night.

Chief George Crumb of the McCleary Police Department said that weekend that friends and family are assisting the search, and that while his department hopes Baum just ran off on her own, "she's been gone far too long."

 Melissa Baum said she is afraid someone has taken her daughter, and taken her away from McCleary.
"If anyone does have her, bring her back home or take her to a pay phone where she can call home," Baum said.
No Amber Alert was initiated because no one had seen anyone take her. Lindsey Baum was reported as a missing child.
"It did not meet any of the criteria for an Amber Alert," Crumb said.
McCleary Police set up the initial search, but called in the Sheriffs Office at 4 a.m., Patrick said. Thurston County sheriffs deputies, FBI Officials, and the Washington State Patrol are also assisting.