While thorough cooking will kill any E. coli bacteria that may be present, the raw products could contaminate consumersí hands or kitchen work surfaces, department officials said.     “We want people to take this seriously” said Dave Gifford, who manages the departmentís food safety program. “If people have these products in their homes, they shouldnít eat them.”     Nestle USA’s baking division has issued a voluntary recall of all Toll House refrigerated cookie dough products. They frequently are sold in plastic tubes, plastic tubs and large, rectangular bars.     A complete list of recalled products is at      The recall does not include any baked cookies, cookie dough-flavored ice creams or other Toll House brand products.     Raw cookie dough sometimes contains harmful bacteria, so consumers should try to avoid the temptation to eat cookie dough before baking, according to the departmentís announcement.     Consumers should wash their hands before and after working with raw cookie dough.     The E. coli O157:H7 strain can cause illness, most commonly diarrhea. In extreme cases, it can cause hemolytic uremic syndrome, which can lead to kidney failure, especially in children.     Washington’s most recent case is from May 21.