Consumers who have purchased items from Brainstorm USA and believe they may have been deceived should file a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office. Complaints can be filed in English or Spanish online at or call 1-800-551-4636 to request a form by mail.

•    Link to Spanish complaint form: 

•    Link to English complaint form:

A representative of Brainstorm USA said salespeople should never claim to be from the school district when selling their product and urged families to contact Brainstorm USA at 1-800-595-5561 with the name of the salesperson so they could take further action. 

The Attorney General’s Office investigated a similar scam in 2003 that targeted Hispanic families with limited English language fluency in Wenatchee and Tri-Cities. Sales representatives of A+ Computer Program USA claimed to be associated with local schools and knew the names of children in the families, which schools they attended and what grade they were in. About two dozen families who purchased defective computers and educational software from the company received refunds.

Parents can protect themselves from deceptive sales practices by always checking with their child’s teacher before spending money on educational software or other products, Ferguson said.