ABERDEEN, Wash. – An apology, and a plea for help, in the wake of allegations that Boy Scouts Coastal Waters District Director James Rutz misappropriated funds from the Sea-Scout bank account, that’s according to Bruce Carley with the Sea scouts.
A letter to friends and family of the Grays Harbor Sea-Scout crew from Carley apologized to those who have contributed, and states that the group continues with efforts to revitalize the SSS Retriever, a 72 foot wooden torpedo boat donated by S&S logging last year.
Rutz was interviewed Friday about the allegations, booked into the Grays Harbor County Jail on Theft in the second degree, and released the next day. When contacted, Rutz declined to comment, no formal charges have been filed.

If anyone has made contributions that they are concerned about, please contact Detective Dave Blundred at 532-0892 ext 109
Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers encourages people to always make contributions to the organization or group, and not to individuals.

Carley said it appeared that the theft drained the funds needed to complete the boat, and purchase new uniforms for her crew. Carley encouraged any further donations be made directly to the “SSS Retriever” account at Twin Star Credit Union.