A short presentation from Joe Orth – of the Grays Harbor PUD, on a possible Hydro Generator – REbuilt, on the dam at the Lake. Orth said that the previous generator was removed, but the access on the dam was merely “capped off” Orth noted that Hydro generation on the dam could potential provide 1 to 2 megawatts of green power, under the current legislation; the size of the project would award double credits to the Grays Harbor PUD, and since the dam does not affect fish runs, it WOULD qualify for green power credits. The State Parks department was notably absent from the meeting, they are holding their own meeting NEXT Thursday, February 26th 7pm at Montesano’s City Hall, to provide information on the Centennial Vision 2013 plan, as well as their plans with Lake Sylvia and Schaffer state park. […] City Parks and Rec manager Mike Bruner talked about montesano’s current levy request that residents will be seeing in the mail today; the measure asks the voters to approve a general operations levy totalling 135 thousand dollars for the next two budget years. Under the levy, the owner of a 100thousand dollar home would pay about 3 dollars and 65 cents per month. which Mayor Ron schillinger made clear; ballots are expected to be seen today in the mail on that Levy