The weight of the Lolli Swing ride rests on the ground with support legs located at the four corners of the ride, as well as being supported with the trailer wheels, which were visible after the ride tilted on its front side.

            Washington State Certified Ride Inspector John Hinde, J.P. Hinde Enterprises, Inc. of Port St. Lucie, Florida has presented the findings to the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. Investigators from the United States Consumer Protection Safety Commission conducted a study on Sunday, in addition to investigations by several other governmental and municipal entities. It was concluded that both the ride and the person operating the ride performed correctly.

Components of the ride were disassembled, inspected and tested to obtain hard information in determining the cause of this incident. Operational systems were tested to determine that there were no ride system or structural failures. They did not find any manufacturer defects that would have caused the incident, and concluded that the ride did not malfunction.

Immediately after the incident Puyallup Police representatives interviewed the two ride operators, and found no signs of impairment. They voluntarily tested for drugs and alcohol, and they were clear of any substance in their systems. The lead operator has operated that ride for several years.

Representatives from the Italian ride manufacturer have arrived, and are currently reviewing the findings and conducting their own investigation. Funtastic Rides, Inc. anticipates working with the manufacturer on developing ride base outriggers in addition to the current support legs, in order to widen the ride base support load footprint.

While this is a very isolated incident, Funtastic Rides, Inc. will share the information and findings from this investigation with amusement ride inspectors, operators, and amusement industry trade organizations. The investigation, reports and findings will also continue.


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