The second of three men convicted of robbery and assault has been sentenced in Grays Harbor County Superior Court. Daniel Galeana-Ramirez was sentenced to 29 Years for 2 counts of 1st Degree Assault with a Firearm on Friday. The third suspect, Alejandro Ramirez, will be sentenced on July 29th on a charge of 1st Degree Robbery, as well as 1st Degree attempted Robbery and 4th Degree Assault charges.

Steven Russell was sentenced a week prior to 38 years for those same charges, plus 1st Degree Robbery and attempted Robbery, as well as 4th Degree Assault. Superior Court Judge Stephen E. Brown noted during Russel’s sentencing that criminal history played a large role in what could be done. “So as far as the Assault convictions go, you have an offender score of 9 – that’s the max. Your co-defendant Mr. Galeana has a score of zero, he has no felony criminal history. So he’s at one end of the sentence range and you’re at the other, but you would know that because you’re aware of your record. So that’s why you are going to be punished more than the person who had the gun, and pulled the trigger.”

A press release from the Aberdeen Police Department recounted the events that lead to their arrest on October 24th, 2015 at approximately 2342 hours, police responded to an assault complaint. Two males were walking behind the Aberdeen Fire Department in the 700 block of W. Market Street when two individuals, later identified as Steven Russell and Alejandro Ramirez, ran up behind them. Russell and Ramirez robbed and assaulted the two victims.

On the morning of October 25th, 2015 at 0240 hours, the victims from the earlier robbery were walking to their residence in the 800 block of Market Street after giving statements at the Aberdeen Police Department. They were approached by Daniel Galeana-Ramirez and Steven Russel. The victims from the earlier robbery were both shot during the altercation that ensued.

The Aberdeen Police Department investigated the incident and arrested Steven Russel, Daniel Galeana-Ramirez and Alejandro Ramirez. All three suspects were found guilty in a jury trial. The following is a summary of the sentencing last week and today in the Grays Harbor Superior Court:

— Steven Russell 1st Degree Assault w/a Firearm x2 (sentenced to 38 Years)
1st Degree Robbery
1st Degree Attempted Robbery
4th Degree Assault

Daniel Galeana-Ramirez 1st Degree Assault w/a Firearm x2 (sentenced to29 Years)

Alejandro Ramirez 1st Degree Robbery (To Be Sentenced July 29)
1st Degree attempted Robbery
4th Degree Assault

Lieutenant Kevin S. Darst said that “since these three suspects were arrested in October of 2015, the street violence and shootings in the City of Aberdeen have almost completely stopped.” Darst noted “These three suspects have been incarcerated since their arrest in October.”