MONTESANO, Wash. – An inter-local agreement on flood control between Grays Harbor and Thurston Counties and the Chehalis Tribe was the heated topic at a meeting of Chehalis Basin Flood Authority. Cosmopolis Mayor Vicky Raines tells us, 7 of the 8 attending members voted to not recognize the new pact “in a sense, they really don’t have a lot of acting authority, unless the state were to sign on with them.”

Raines said the primary topic at yesterday’s monthly meeting was to be trust issues “They may say that it’s not setting up a taxing district, but I think that it points in that direction.”

Special meetings were held by Grays Harbor and Thurston counties, and the Chehalis Tribe earlier this week to sign the agreement prior to discussion with the Flood Authority.

(Click the story title to hear an April 21st interview with Cosmopolis Mayor Vickie Raines on this issue)