ABERDEEN, Wash. – Would you “Round up” your purchase to save Washington parks? An Aberdeen idea could make it to the House to do just that, and provide a voluntary alternative to an idea that seeks to charge a $30 annual fee to access the lands.


Aberdeen Resident, Dan Boeholt says his idea would ask every shopper if they would like to round up their purchase to the nearest dollar. “The clerk would ask you if you want to round [your purchase] up to keep public access open on state land.” Boeholt brought the idea, that even includes methods to administer the program, to State Representative Brian Blake. He also collaborated  with the manager of JC Penny’s in Aberdeen where a similar program is used to provide assistance to the YMCA of Grays Harbor.

The plan had a cloudy day in the House already, failing to get support from the state retail marketing association. It may get a revival tomorrow, as retired House Majority Leader Lynn Kessler will testify to the house ways and means committee in support of alternatives to bills in the House and Senate that seek to charge a $30 annual fee for access to state lands. Kessler is proposing a $15 opt-out alternative, and tells Boeholt that she will also speak in favor if his plan to “Round Up.”