The Spar Shop turned the new mast for the 1924 schooner Zodiac, which lost its old mast and boom in an incident September 25, 2010 near Lummi Island on Puget Sound. After the incident, the vessel owners contacted the Spar Shop to discuss replacements for the damaged spars. Douglass-fir trees in Oregon were felled last fall and the logs shipped to the Spar Shop. One of two logs was turned on the shop’s tracer lathe, which can turn material up to 122 feet in length and up to 40 inches in diameter. The Spar Shop’s tracer lathe, (formerly the McFarland Cascade tracer lathe) is believed to be the largest of its type in North America.


Built for the heirs to the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical company’s family, the Zodiac was designed by William H. Hand, Jr., to epitomize the best features of the American fishing schooner. From the early 1930s through 1972, Zodiac worked as a pilot schooner operating out of San Francisco Bay. In the 1970s, Zodiac was purchased by the Vessel Zodiac Corporation and restored. Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the schooner conducts educational programs on Puget Sound. More information on Zodiac is available at