The recalled sprouts were distributed to grocery stores and restaurants in Washington and other Northwest states.

The Department of Health urges markets, restaurants, and delicatessens to check their stock immediately and pull all of the recalled products. Retailers and wholesalers who have any of the recalled sprouts should separate them from other produce and contact their supplier.

People who have eaten sprouts and developed symptoms should contact their health care provider. Salmonellosis can cause serious illness that can lead to hospitalization and even death. The risk is particularly high for the elderly, people with low immune systems, and the very young.

Specific products subject to the voluntary recall included:

  • The 4oz. (UPC 8 15098 00201 6) and 5oz. (UPC 0 33383 70235 3) containers of Clover sprouts
  • The 1lb. bags of Clover (UPC 0 79566 12351 5) and 2 lb trays of Clover (UPC 0 79566 12362 1)
  • Clover Onion sprouts in 4oz. (UPC 0 79566 12361 4) and 5oz. (UPC 0 79566 12361 4) containers
  • Deli sprouts in 4oz. (UPC 8 79566 12305 4) and 5oz. (UPC 0 33383 70267 4) containers
  • Spicy sprouts in 4oz. (UPC 8 15098 00202 3) containers
  • Brocco sandwich sprouts in 4oz. (UPC 8 15098 00028 9) containers

More information on salmonellosis ( is on the Department of Health Web site.

The Washington State Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and Sprouters Northwest continue to investigate the problem’s source.