The first shipment of autos were loaded aboard the M/V Positive Passion in January 2010, followed by bi-monthly vessel calls to Washington State’s only deep-water port right on the Pacific Ocean.
Facilities recently constructed by Westway Terminal Company and Imperium Grays Harbor drove the need for the expansion of Port of Grays Harbor Terminal 1 for liquid bulk shipments. The Port, with funding from the State of Washington and the primary shippers, Westway & Imperium, expanded the former Terminal 1 barge terminal to a Panamax vessel capable, liquid bulk shipping terminal.

Historically one of the leading forest product ports in the country, the Port of Grays Harbor experienced a resurgence of log exports beginning in 2009 through a partnership with Dkoram, Inc. With ties to the growing markets in China and Korea, Dkoram has generated steady port calls at Grays Harbor’s terminals throughout 2010. Other forest product shipments have also expanded in Grays Harbor with the additional of Willis Enterprises at Terminal 3. Willis Enterprises is a leader in barge shipments of wood chips to destinations throughout the Pacific Northwest and West Coast.
What does this increase in export activity mean to Washington’s coast? Jobs. The first six months of 2010 resulted in more longshore hours worked loading vessels at the Port of Grays Harbor’s marine terminals than all of 2009. And 2009 was a strong year. As Grays Harbor continues to attract innovative partners who invest in state-of-the-art facilities on Washington’s Coast, the projections and outlook for continued growth in 2011 are strong.
Founded in 1911, the Port of Grays Harbor is the second oldest port district in Washington State and will be celebrating its centennial throughout 2011. The Port of Grays Harbor operates 4 deepwater marine terminals and several hundred acres of marine industrial property. Only 1-½ vessel hours from open sea, Grays Harbor offers rail and highway access to markets throughout North America. More information and photographs are available at