Normally the Washington State Patrol has to go find DUIs, but in one case this week they didn't have to go very far.

Drivers wishing to register new vehicles in Washington are required to visit a WSP office for inspection. Trained personnel check identification numbers to make certain the vehicle isn't stolen or wanted in another state.

At the patrol's Tacoma office on Monday an inspector, who is a 30 year veteran trooper, smelled intoxicants on two subjects who were there with a car. The inspector alerted a trooper, who ended up arresting 53 year old Thomas Meehan of Federal Way for DUI.

"This is about the shortest distance I've ever gone to catch a DUI," said Trooper Gooch. "All I had to do was walk across the parking lot."

Meehan had driven the car there as a favor to a friend.

The moral: Helping a friend is a good thing. Drinking and Driving is not. Don't Drink and Drive