New business is budding North of Hoquiam, although the menu may sound more like they’re growing ice cream at Pacific Canna Clones LLC. “Bubble Bomb, some Martha Washington, Granddaddy Purple, Harley Sue (which is a high CBD not a high THC.) These are Northern Lights 2, Sour Diesel, White Russian…” Caroline Perry tiptoes through multiple strains of plants at her facility, one of the first Tier 2 Licensed Producers of marijuana in Grays Harbor County.

Along with clones to sell to other producers, she tells KBKW the start-up is about to harvest their first 80 plants. This batch is Bubble Berry, Liberty Haze, and Sour Diesel, Parry said the plants will be sold to licensed processors to be bagged for individual sale then to a licensed retail store.

Nothing like Miami Vice, Parry said she’s not rich because she grows pot “We’re doing OK, just because we got into this business without overhead. We’re small, family owned, we’re go to go – we have patience.” Parry has been a card-holding medical marijuana grower for years, and was one of only 3 producers in Grays Harbor County granted a license from the state in the first round earlier this year.