Dave Carlberg, Fire Chief    Doug Craig, Assistant Chief


Mayor Simpson,

I respectfully submit to you and the City Council, the following annual report that records the activities of the Aberdeen Fire Department for the year 2008.

The City of Aberdeen provides fire protection within the city municipal boundaries servicing 16,500 residents over 10.5 square miles.  In addition we provide fire protection to a portion of Fire District 10, Bigelow Drive and Stafford Creek Corrections.  The City receives mutual aid from adjacent Fire Districts as well as the Cities of Cosmopolis and Hoquiam.  Services are provided through two fire stations staffed 24/7 at each facility.

Emergency Medical Service areas encompass a larger vicinity including Fire District 10 and 15, the City of Cosmopolis, Bigelow Drive and Stafford Creek Corrections.  The city provides Advanced Life Support as well as inter-facility specialty care transports.

In 2008 the Aberdeen fire department responded to a grand total of 5,605 calls for service. The analysis of last year's data indicates a 2.17% increase in overall activity.  In general the department usually sees a 2% per year increase in activity and this year represents the highest total to date.  Fire losses for the year totaled $756,745 as opposed to 2007's $3,400,600.

Based on the collection of data, $756,745 of total fire loss represents 19.8% of total property lost versus $3,064,718 or 80.2% of total property saved. Again this represents the value of what your fire department provides to its community in terms of property saved. 

Overall, there were a total of ten incidents throughout the year that required a second alarm or greater escalation.  The Activity levels are broken down as follows:

  • 405 Fire Responses (26 Hazardous Materials)
  • 999 Engine Medical Assists
  • 4,201 Total Medical Responses

The true value of your fire department's accomplishments is a total of 57 documented medical saves in 2008.  These include patients who most likely would have died without qualified medical intervention by our firefighters and paramedics in the field.    

2008 has added another year of quality public safety service to our 118-year history in the City of Aberdeen. Our performance was set in the context of what has become a routine 2%+ increase in annual calls for services. Since 1998 our total emergency responses have increased 26.3%.  Our firefighters are responding to solve problems, bring needed aid or turn chaos into order on the average of 15 times per day and we are doing it with the same number of personnel as in 1998.   We are proud to have an efficient and effective team that puts service first. As you read through this report, you will note that our community clearly depends upon us for a variety of services and they must have the expectation and confidence we will deliver.

I would like to thank the various team leaders and officers who helped compile the material for this annual report.  I would also like to thank the City Council and the Public Safety Committee for the immense support they have given the department.  We have again made some important accomplishments in the direction of improving Fire, EMS and Life Safety for our citizens.



Dave Carlberg, Fire Chief

City of Aberdeen


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