After a few stalled motions to hold over the decision, the city council voted 4 to 3 to approve the report of the amendment of the contract with Hometown Sanitation, effectively extending it by 10 years, and reducing the Bond amount from 250 thousand to 100 thousand.

The two five year extensions would allow Hometown to amortize the cost of new 64 gallon cans similar to those used by Aberdeen residents, and will make a bi-monthly pickup the standard, while residents can still request a weekly pickup for an aditional fee, and those wanting smaller cans will still be accomodated.

Mayor Jack Durney spoke with Doug McDowell Tuesday morning and clarified that the amendment to the contract was not adopted Monday night, only the report on the amendment. The original call to motion and vote from Monday night's meeting is in the attached audio titled "Durney Clarifies Sanitation Vote".

Councilman Greg Grund asked for clarification on the new terms of the contract, to which City Administrator Brian Shay responded in the attached audio titled "Grund asks about the Contract Terms".

Mayor Jack Durney made a second call for a vote on the motion, with the intended wording the vote passed by 4 votes yes, and three votes no, councilman Ben Winkelman is heard abstaining from the vote as well, in the attached audio titled "Call to Vote On Adoption of the Report"