The current Grays Harbor Public Market was begun by a handful of people in 1974 in the parking lot of the old hospital that was in the location of the current Pearsall Building on Sumner Avenue in Aberdeen.  When the hospital building was going to be demolished to make way for the Pearsall building we had to find a new location.  So we moved to an empty gravel and dirt parking lot on State Street near Marshalls  Garden and Pet Store.  That location lasted a few years but proved to be very dusty so we searched out a new location.  The city of Aberdeen allowed us to close down one side of Broadway between Heron and Market on Saturdays which proved to be the most popular location.  We were there for many years, however the weather began to tear at us.  Many a Saturday the vendors would show up with trucks and car loads of produce, bakery items, flowers, and plants and if the weather was rainy then sales would be poor and the folks would have to haul the products back home.  So the hunt was on to locate a building where we could be out of the rain and even go later into the season.  We rented a building on F street from Mr Isaacson where we lasted a few years.  We didn’t get rained on, however we were over the river with cracks so large that you could watch the river flow and it was quite cold.  We had some bottles of jams actually break during the freezing weather.  Again we were hunting for an indoor location that was a little more body and product friendly.  The old Wishkah Mall had many empty storefronts, though it wasn’t ideal, it was warm, so we moved in.  The mall didn’t prove to be a great location but at least we weren’t freezing to death, but the look was on.  Phyllis Shrauger was mayor of Hoquiam in the early 90’s and approached us with a old machine shop on the site of the current market.  We looked and decided it could be a good location but we could never get rid of the oil smell so opted out.  Then the next proposal came from her after she discovered that a new building could be constructed by the Americorp group for us to move into and rent from the city of Hiquiam and we’ve been there since the early 1990’s.

The market is open Wednesday though Saturdays from 9 to 5 officially, however once the bakery staff is there from the wee hours they will help anybody that walks in the door early, in fact they make espresso drinks early before any other stand is even open.  Sundays the market is open during the summer and just before the Christmas holiday.