New Micro-Telescope For People With Damaged Retinas
The New iPod Touch
Comcast Pays For Broadband Traffic-shaping



This week on Digital Life: Is Verizon finally going to sell iPhones? If so, should you wait? And, can Steve Jobs stop iPhone sex chats? Plus, should you buy Amazon’s updated Kindle DX or just get an iPad? And, I’ll ask’s John Abell if there will there ever be enough wireless bandwidth. I’ll speak with Skadden’s, Cliff Sloan and’s Steve Rosenbaum about the Viacom/YouTube decision. And I’m going to get "Lucky" with Wendy Diamond. We’ve got some great Google tips and cool websites. And Zoomsafer’s CEO, Matt Howard will show us how to stop txting behind the wheel as I help you get a handle on your Digital Life.  Click here to watch Digital Life with Shelly Palmer

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