To remove the vaults from the area the suspect(s) apparently stole a white 1994 Chevrolet C2 Truck. The truck has the Washington state exempt license of 55849C. The truck has 4” block letters in red of the identification number “M14” on the front corner panels.

The suspect(s) apparently left the property by cutting off the padlock that secured the gate in the 3100 block of Bay Avenue.

At the time of this release the stolen vehicle and the stolen vaults have not been located. The value of the coins that were removed with the boxes is not known.

No suspects have been developed at this time. Anyone who has any information regarding the burglary, the stolen vaults or the stolen vehicle is asked to telephone Hoquiam detectives at 532-0892 Ext. 102.

Large photo of the style of lockbox stolen recently from sseveral grays Harbor Transit buses.



UPDATE: 6/24/2010

The Hoquiam Police Department reports that on Sunday May 23, 2010 a Hoquiam officer received a telephone call from a concerned citizen regarding the burglary at Gray Harbor Transit. She told the officer that she owned some property on Greenwood Road (which is located off East Hoquiam Road in Grays Harbor County) and that he husband had been on the property on Saturday May 22nd when he discovered that someone had knocked down the cable gate that leads to the property. He had also discovered some metal cans, some nuts and bolts and an identification card in the name of a Grays Harbor

Transit employee. The person reporting this information to the officer had heard about the transit burglary.

The Hoquiam officer relayed the information to a Grays Harbor County deputy who responded to the location. While on the scene he located 9 of the 12 coin boxes that had been removed from the buses at the transit facility during the burglary. All the boxes had been forced open and the money removed. The boxes were turned over to the Hoquiam police for processing for evidence.

The surrounding area of where the boxes were discovered was searched but nothing else was found. The truck stolen during the burglary has not been located.