The experience changed something abstract—an interest in family and maritime history—into something more concrete, Birdwell said. “It turned an intellectual exercise into actually being there,” he said. “It was a way for me to connect with my ancestors.”

Birdwell said he made the donation to ensure that other people get a chance to have a similar experience. “I look at this as investment in this organization,” he said. “The sort of work they do is important. It’s changing lives for the better.”

GHHSA Executive Director Capt. Les Bolton said he was overwhelmed by Birdwell’s donation. “He has seen first-hand the power of our ships to positively impact people’s lives,” Bolton said. The donation will be used to support GHHSA’s educational and volunteer programs.

More information about the Two Weeks Before the Mast program is available by calling 800-200-5239 or visiting the Volunteering page at A Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain fact sheet is available on the Press Releases page at

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